Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Yo Mind India, I am sure you are a new user and looking for some information about how to redeem the coins, how to earn coins?

[toggle title=”How do I earn coins?”]There are many ways by which you can earn coins and these coins can be redeemed in the form of paytm cash/gift value of an equal amount of coins you earn. Please note any unfair means of earning coins may lead to instant ban and suspension of your account and your all your earn coins are instantly revoked. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”How many Coins will I earn from Yo Mind?”][table id=1 /][/toggle]

[toggle title=”How do I start earning Coins?”]Its very simple. Join Us today and start earning coins.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How to Redeem the Coins?”]It very simple and easy to redeem the coins which you have earned, You need to request your withdraw using request form, once you have crossed the threshold limit. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Why My coins were revoked?”]Sorry I guess you were trying to be Hurry!!!, Did you re-submit a deal? Did you use Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v to post the product review? If the answer is “yes” for any of the above questions, you know why ;), if your answer is no send us a mail at deepindia23@gmail.com, and we will surely look into it within 24 hr.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Can I transfer/share my coins to my friends?”]Sorry, for that feature but this feature is currently not available. All Coins are non-transferable.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What is the value of each coins?”]100 = ₹1, 1000 = ₹10, 10000 = ₹100[/toggle]

If the above details do not clear your doubt, you can contact us and we will revert you at the earliest.